The things about comfort zone.

There are funny things about comfort zone. These past few years, I’ve focused on education and passing the required exams to get into university. I had my mind set on where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I didn’t do well on my exams so that didn’t quite work out, but I’m happy. However the journey felt like a little autopilot. The important thing to remember is that people present opportunity; it’s just whether or not you’re willing to take them up on it. It’s easy to sit back and only take in the things that are comfortable to you, but to get to where you aspire to be requires a little discomfort.

Normally if I had a bad day, I’s always come back to my family or friends. Loneliness can make or break you. I am quite a reserved person, but that doesn’t make me anti-social. I’m just a thinker rather than a shouter. This has its benefits and it has its downfalls. It definitely help on starting a conversation. It took a lot of courage for me to say Hello and to converse right away with a stranger. Last night, when I left my 18 degree Celsius Economic tutorial class to catch some breath, there is this lady sitting right on my left caught my arm by surprise ;

“Hey where are you going? Going for smoke? I’m joining you. I don’t understand what he muttering on at all since just now.” Before I could take my breath in to utter some reply she continued ; “Today is my first class. Did you came last week? (I nodded). BTW, I am Jess (reaching out her hand), I owe you this. Later I will pay for the coffee. Where is the lift? Ahh and how long is the break?

“Er. Usually not more than 15 minutes. I am CY”

Many of us are not that kind of human which poses these skills to break the silence. Along the way I might missed out a few characters who could might blend well with me if I was more outspoken with them. It’s all about breaking free from my own boundaries. Striking the balance between thought and voice is a powerful thing. Something I have yet to really master.

I remember vividly the very last time I braced myself to talk to a stranger, I felt in love with her. And how much I miss her now.

I suspect I didn’t do as well as I could have on my exams/work because I wasn’t willing to go further than what I was told or expected. My mentality has since changed and I now find success from setting my own boundaries, or in my case, fewer boundaries.

Comfort zone.

Usually when people talk about breaking out of a comfort zone, we’re talking about leaving behind the 9-5.  Throwing our old life in the trash and hitting the world, armed with only a backpack and some hope.

Suddenly everything is new.  Strange.  Difficult. Fun.

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Down the path

It’s been 6 weeks since I left my desk looking for a greener path. Surviving on a thin saving is not a good indicator at all. I accept the things that have come before as lessons learned and stepping-stones towards a brighter future (eh.?). I let go of the job that I hate. We human live for an average of 30,000 days. 10,000 of those days is spent on working. When you actually stop and consider that, it’s obvious that working a job that makes you unhappy is completely insane. WHY would anyone willingly spend a third of their life being miserable? (in exchange for wealth). Building up your resume is like saving up sex for old age. Just doesn’t make any sense.

I want to find work that inspires me and everyone around me.  Fear is just and illusion. It doesn’t even exist. Embrace reality and let it be. Change will bring u from A to B.

If we put aside our custom, fear and obligation, our world will be a better place to live!

No race

I never do this previously but today I prepared myself a “To-Do-List” stretched over a period of 15 months. Sort of new year resolution, started early in Sept to give myself 3 extra month allowances. Over the years, my decision making were based on impulse. I have heated argument with my direct superior, packed my bag and leave just like that. Looking back, it was silly to do so, but the right way to end it. That’s sort of sum me up. Five jobs in a short 3 years. On top of that, studying part time add on to the stress. I make mistake, silly decision, walked the wrong path and let down the people who really care for me in the process. I live day to day and don’t give a damn about what others my age are doing (busy getting married, accumulating wealth etc) because the unhappiest people in this world are those who care the most about what other people doing and think. I always claim ownership and full control of my life. I walk when I feel to, and I’ll stop when I feel want to stop. The overwhelming majority of people don’t have a passion, or have multiple. In my case I have multiple. I believe that if someone truly loves you, they will make the effort to find and meet you, regardless. No excuse. But all too often the people involved do not actually feel this strongly for each other.
Regret, I have a few. But it is about time to make thing straight; for once. The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.

Go for whatever makes you happy

Rant rant rant…

There is so much hype on Namewee second movie, “Hantu Gangster” which IMHO totally over rated. Just like his first movie, it was cheaply done, very amateurish and lack of creativity (despite manage to get hold of artist from all the race). Besides of that, he is seeking for cheap publicity too. Even our Datuk Lee Chong Wei had to apologize to LinDan personally on the issue of the insulting video Namewee posted on youtube after the GOLD medal match. Ridiculous, making a fool out of himself in the meantime give Malaysia a bad name . From my observation, there are so much much more talented guy making video/ short films in Malaysia beside him. I’m talking about good quality videos week in week out. Joseph Germani, DanKhoon, and Reuben just to name a few. Do check them out.


Once every 4 years

They don’t gain the coverage like others popular sports did with multi-million sponsorship deals. NBA in United States for example, are watch by million worldwide on a daily basic. Others like Gymnastic, Weight-lifting, and rowing do not have such fame. Do you want to watch or follow them weekly? Never. Put it in a simple way, it is just not interesting. But are they to be considered less “athletes”  than footballer or basketball player? Obviously NOT. Every single one of them strive hard for the glory. Olympic might be the only chance for them to be recognized by millions watching in the arena and in front of television.

Some sports offer 24/7 on/off event entertainment, Some sports good to watch once every 4 years, but not many takers weekly. FACT. It’s worrying that some sports has to be wall to wall on a 60 inch television for you to know it exists?


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Save the Earth, Save the Climate..But How ??

Posted this on my timeline a while ago.

Could we have done better?

Almost all of us have agreed that climate change is the single most important issue that we face as a global community. Yet, we have also agrred to do nothing about it. However, this is not entirely true – it depends on who is meant by ‘we’. Most of people reading this choose to sit and watch our legislators act on our behalf. A recent survey shows that only 4% of people have made substantial changes to the way they live (to save the climate). While, everyone else is waiting for everyone to act.

It is true that we are now much better informed about the collapse of the biosphere (through internet, Google, FACEBOOK)

More intense and longer drought have already been observed over wide areas and the sea levels are rising at twenty times the average rate. TWENTY FUCKING TIMES. How was that possible ? We might as well watch a good disaster movie. Suggestion? Hmm..

But, all this knowledge is USELESS, or worse than useless, PARALYZING, unless we are prepared to scarify and to act on it. First, we must examining why we are so slow to act. You tunggu I, I tunngu you mentality, Or ladies first, after you?

On almost every serious issue, the professional classes appear to be better informed than the rest of the population. On climate change, the reverse seems to be true. From this I understand that the problem is not that people aren’t hearing about it, but they don’t want to know. Post a new Namewee video online, people will hit the SHARE button on Facebook almost instanly. Correct me if I am wrong. So the effort to tackle climate change suffers from the problem of split incentives: those who are least responsible for it are the most likely to suffer the effects. Human being are selfish, this apply to our country voting system, they won’t vote for you if they don’t think they can get anything from you. I dont blame them.

Most of the rich country, located in temperature latitude, in the initial of the climate change, suffer lesser. They will also have the money and supports to protect their citizen from floods, draughts and extreme temperature. While the rich people, will buy their way out of the trouble.

Unlike almost all the other commodities we buy can be stockpiled and then delivered when we want them. Electricity must be produced at the very moment of demand because it is difficult, expensive and extremely dangerous to store. As with oxygen, we only notice electricity when it fails, when we will called up TNB and give them a piece of your thought. Be aware that almost what we do will be impossible without it, but we seldom have to wonder where it comes from, how it works or what we should do if it were no longer available.


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Is iphone5 finally here?

Leaked Image and Video

There are much speculation and countless of potential future iphone leaked on the internet. But non of them seem to be more genuine than the one shown on video below. Apple fanatic, time to save up because it is rumored to be released mid September.

Now these “alleged” leaked photos could be fake, but I’ve been paying special attention to the fine details. From the curved and raised edges around the screen and more all giving this a high-end and pristine look, to the perfectly drilled cutouts and holes. With more and more pictures all singing a similar tune it’s hard to say these are fake. Sadly we won’t know until Apple themselves reveal the all new iPhone. Watch and cheers.

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Merdeka’s review

Action speaks louder than word. When was the time when our National’s Day theme song video gained so much DISLIKE on popular youtube channel

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I think that the song is alright, despite the pro-UMNO lyric. The song is catchy, easy to remember. That’s the purpose isn’t it? So, where was the downfall of the song which make us Malaysians to hated it so much? Obviously the pro-government lyric play a vital role but the straw that broke the camel back has to be the fact that the song was copied from a melody sang in our neighbor, Indonesia’s churches. Abstract of the article as below;

“LAGU tema Kemerdekaan tahun ini, Janji Ditepati sekali lagi mendapat kritikan warga internet kerana melodi lagu itu rupanya diciplak daripada lagu Kristian Indonesia.

Seorang penganut Kristian turut meluahkan kesedihannya melalui blog beliau apabila mendapati Lagu Janji Ditepati yang didengarnya saling tak tumpah seperti melodi lagu yang biasa dinyanyikannya di Gereja.

Menurut beliau melodi lagu itu serupa dengan sebuah lagu bertajuk “Serukan Namanya” yang merupakan sebuah lagu kerohanian penganut Kristian.”

At the meantime, the Merdeka’s 55 logo was heavily criticized for the lack of workmanship. Cut and paste is totally alright, but not in this manner, with no taste and sense? I wouldn’t want to say this but if my grandmother is still alive she could have done much better. PM Najib decision to take back the logo after pressure from the public showed that the government department always practiced half baked idea. Traditionally, the logo was based on one and only concept, the unity of the Rakyat, even though we are still far away from achieving it. But this time around, some fool decided to use it as their political tools to safeguard their cronies position. This is so stupid and wrong.

These monkeys never failed to impressed us. We have never seen the ‘best’ of their act yet, just not yet. Watch and judge yourself. They will be out of the office very soon.


I have tried in my previous few attempts to keep my blog alive, but I failed every single time despite with the generous traffic. I don’t want to be sound like a bitch who whines on everything single thing I faced in life. But it’s about sharing isn’t it.?

18 months since I left Temasek Polytechnic, I found myself on the edge of leaving my already 3rd job. But I simply can’t because I felt obligated to prove to myself to not to walk just away when things do not go my way. I am constantly being reminded that I’ m actually very lucky to be able to work and get paid on something I’m actually interested in. I am certainly agreed with the latter but the former got me quite cross.

Recently I came across an article regarding a gentlemen in Britain who landed a job as a football manager at a certain club after submitting a very impressive 180 pages dossier on how to improve the club. Obviously the CEO was impressed with his blue print. If he could have even walk just half the talks he will be great. A sculpture of him will be built upon his death I am certain.

Our time have changed. An employee staying at at firm/factory/farm for his whole working life is not relevant anymore. Even our parent s don’t watch black and white television anymore.

Ahh, sudden craving for ice lemon tea.

Story of Bing

I am a headless freelance graphic designer, aspiring journalist and LFC fanatic. Also Anak Malaysia who despise anyone/everyone who disagree with him . Views are the only property I had.